L1B Visa for Non-Immigrant Workers in the US Guide

Another path you may take in order to further shorten your processing time is utilizing the premium processing service for I-140 petitions, shortening the typical six-month processing time to a mere 15 calendar days. However, you cannot shorten the processing time of I-1485 from its usual length of between six to eight months. Additionally, USCIS will not deny your L1 visa if there is evidence to believe that you have intentions to permanently move to the United States.
The argument for H1Bs is that companies in the US are already outsourcing as much as possible. Many of the support functions have been moved to low wage countries but most companies haven’t figured out how to move new development overseas. If l1b vs l1a can entice most of the competent developers to move to the US then the new companies will be built in the US which is better for the US. Even with all the tax dodging going on, it’s better for companies like Meta, Apple and even Twitter to be based in the US then for these companies to be created overseas.
H-1B and L-1 visas are unique in that they have a maximum period of status eligibility. These visas include E-1 and E-2; E-3; H-1B1; O-1; and TN. Visitors Visa – In order to buy time, anyone who has been laid off may consider applying for a business visitor’s visa.
For both the L1 and H1B visas, candidates can apply for permanent resident status in the US through a green card. If the visa holder would like to apply for a green card, the process varies depending on the visa type. For the HB1 visa, the US-based company must be willing to sponsor the applicant whereas, in the case of L1 visas, the parent company in a foreign country must be willing to sponsor the client.
The article below provides a brief overview of what the L1B visa requirements are looking for and what documents are usually submitted for each requirement. The outsourcing companies dominate the visa program by flooding the system with applications. 13 outsourcing companies took nearly one-third of all H-1B visas in 2014. Also H1B lottery/petition was approved in 2019 but it is not “activated” yet.