Local SEO: 7 Tips To Boost Your Google Rankings

It’s a bonus if people have rave reviews about your products and services as well. The key here is to make sure that every single entry is EXACTLY the same. So again, mirror the exact formatting and representation of your company from your GMB page and make sure to list your business the exact same way in your local directories. Moz Local provides a quick and free audit of your current status in a few major directories.
For instance, if the business hours on your website say you close at 9pm but the hours at your physical location say you close at 10pm, you’ll be losing business. When it comes to engagement on different platforms, it will help build you brand image, credibility, and online presence. Reviews from real customers help provide more insight on what your business has to offer.
Then, you can add additional information like photos, videos, Google Business Profile, and social media handles. According to Google, optimizing your Business Profile is the most important local SEO ranking factor. A Google Business Profile is a free business listing with information about your business. But it’s also great for discovering new keywords related to your business. Its purpose is to save users time by predicting what they’re going to search for.
Link building is when other web pages place links to your content. You can do internal link building and external linking building. Similar to regular SEO, link building is key to increasing awareness for your brand and getting more traffic to your site.
Search engines are the new yellow pages — with much more potential to transform the future of small businesses. Like any SEO activity, successful local SEO depends on consistent effort. Many businesses benefit from expert support to manage their local SEO. Work towards acquiring backlinks on sites with high domain authority.
It’s become increasingly common to search this way for local businesses, or by searching a keyword followed by the city name. Also, publishing posts filled with your target keywords can help to improve your local SEO services ranking. In this post, you will learn how to rank your business on the local search engine via Google Maps SEO.
Now, let’s take a look at some of the most relevant benefits of optimizing the local SEO for your small business. Link-building and other engagements through your GMB profile. Organic SEO has more to do with whether or not your website is relevant for certain searches. For Marketing Automation , this can help reduce necessary resources to respond to customer questions in Google Search and Google Maps.
It’s also important to make sure this information is always updated across all channels, including your Google listing, social media, and anywhere your business is online. In North America, over one-third of consumers discover brands via their website. Optimizing your website for local search is key to making it easy for customers to find the products they’re looking for. When local SEO helps prospective customers find your business online first, it builds brand awareness and trust, and explains why your products are unique.
Check out our tips and learn where to focus your local SEO efforts to minimize the impact on your search ranking. The removal of ads from Google’s right rail also has significant implications for businesses when it comes to local SEO strategies. Google’s new search layout pushes organic search results well below the visible page fold, leaving only the ad blocks and the local pack visible to the user.
Reputation management can increase brand awareness and attract new business opportunities. To boost web presence and make it easier for customers to find a business online. Businesses that have their information up to date and their contact details available online give a much more trustworthy image to consumers.